Additional Options

ORNAMENTS – Ornaments are not included. You can choose from our collection, bring in your own or have a flower arrangement.

FLOWERS – Icing flowers are included in the price of the cake.


FRESH FLOWERS – We cannot accept fresh flowers and greens.

SILK FLOWERS – should be delivered to us one week prior to your wedding. We will arrange them on your cake.


•Pearl beading $3 per tier extra
•Basket weaving $6 per tier extra


*Fountain (oil or water) *$20 plus $40 deposit *Plastic Stand *$20 plus $40 deposit
*Brass Stand *$30 plus $40 deposit Bridges $10 each – NO REFUND
*Cupcake Stand *$20 plus $40 deposit
(*all deposits are refunded upon return)
PILLARS – Pillars are not included. We have several styles to choose from at the following prices :

6″ and 8″ – $8
10″ – $10
12″ and over – $15